Kirby: Dream in Nightmare Land is the first part in the Kirby: Dream Chronicles trilogy. It follows the events of Kirby and Meta Knight being sent into another world by an evil genie, and joining forces with a group of adventurers to save this new world; Nightmare Land.


King Dedede discovers an anicent genie known as Gudae the Star Genie. Gudae offers the king 5 wishes. Dedede uses one to disrid the land of all of his enemies, thus making Kirby, Meta Knight, and many others dissapear into another dimension. Soon they meet Keeby, Crispy, Sparky, and Misty, a team of adventuring Superstars searching for the Dream Star; the force that keeps dimensions in peace. So Kirby and the others set out to find all 5 shards and restore order to the worlds, and Dedede.


The gameplay is basically the same as Kirby's Return to Dreamland, with some changes. The biggest change biggest change being the extended Playable Cast, with the player being able to play through a whole level as someone other than Kirby. Unlike in most Kirby games, Kirby's Copy Ability does not work, instead he collects Essences, much like in Milky Way Wishes. There are also some new abillities, and a level-up system, allowing Characters can learn new skills. Unlike other Kirby games, this game relies heavily on story-telling, so there are many more cutscenes, and talking in levels.


Playable CharactersEdit

Image Character Ability/Weapon Description
Kirby Kirby Kirby can inhale and swallow objects and enemies, he can also spit inhaled enemies back out as an attack. He is the only player, other than Keeby, who can use Copy Essences. He can also swallow obstacles such as blocks, and he also retains his famous ability to float. Kirby is thrown into a new world full of new challenges, but that's not scaring him none! He's ready to fight to the finish with, and get back to Dreamland.
MetaKnight Meta Knight Meta Knight can use his sword to attack his opponents. He can level up to pull off various moves, such as "Meta Tornado" and "Midnight Finish". Meta Knight is the last remaining of the Dream Knights. Being sent into a new world without his Galaxia, he must learn to fight with his new blade, Nightbane(short for Nightmare's Bane).
Keebyy Keeby Keeby, unlike Kirby, retains the ability to copy enemies. This is due to him being a native to Nightmare Land. However, he lacks in speed and jump distance, and can't learn skills for various abilities. He also possess a Cellphone which keeps him in touch with his partners. Keeby is a Native to Nightmare Land, and it's guardian. However, he was disowned by Nightmare Land's people, and now works with an Adventure Team to try and save his homeland from darkness.
Sparky Sparky Sparky's move-set greatly resembles that of Spark Kirby. However, he can learn to use multiple attacks that Spark Kirby can't. He also is none affected by Electric attacks, and it in facts increases his speed! Sparky is the leader of the Adventure Stars! He's courageous and the perfect leader! Well... At least that's what he want's to be. He lacks in self-confidence, and has problems holding back jokes.
Crispy Crispy Crispy's move-set, in the same vain as Sparky's, resembles Fire Kirby's. However, just like Sparky, he can learn different moves. He can absorb Fire attacks to make his stronger. Crispy is almost Sparky's opposite. He is serious, unthinking, and hot-headed. However, despite this, he get's along well with his brother. He enjoys sparing with Meta Knight, and flirting with Misty.
Misty Misty Misty's move-set follows the mold of Sparky and Crispy, in the sense that her moves resemble Ice Kirby's. In the same vain as the previous two, she can learn unique attacks. She can absorb Ice attacks, and it increases her health. Misty is the quiet and smart "only sane-(wo)man" of the Adventure Stars. She enjoys reading, and prefers t strategize rather than go heard first into battle. Because of this, she and Meta Knight get along well.

Other CharactersEdit

King Dedede: The Self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land. He acquires the ancient bottle which holds the wish-granting genie; Gudae, and uses it to gain full control of Planet Popstar. However, he does not realize he is not the one in actual control.

Gudae: The Star Genie. He is an ancient genie freed from a bottle by King Dedede. He grants wishes for Dedede, but is actually taking control over him. The more wishes granted, the more menacing he becomes.

Bandana Dee: Also called Bandee for short, he is King Dedede's right hand man. He doesn't trust Gudae at all, and retreats to Nightmare Land to find Kirby later in the game.

Kimmy: Kirby's half stalker half girl-friend. She first meets Kirby in Nightmare Land, and instantly falls for him. Despite being aware that Kirby doesn't understand love, and generally isn't interested, she still follows him, hoping that he'll one day return her feelings.

Sturdy: Kimmy's grandfather. When he was young he was a member of the Dream Crusaders, the legendary heroes of Nightmare Land. His age however has caught-en up with him, and he sports a long bird, and requires a cane. He however seems lively enough to spring up in the strangest of places through-out Nightmare Land, and give hints.